Saturday Getaway


(Private Club)

Event Date: January 15 or 22

Developing meaningful relationships is central to growing a strong community.


As a member of the governance committee and fellow 🍊member, I would like to invite any 🍊members in the SF and Carmel Valley area to join me for a Saturday Getaway at the Carmel Valley Ranch Private Club on January.

More on the Getaway

This getaway is relaxed and very informal, the only scheduled activity is lunch at 1:30PM - although I recommend going on the hike as well. Anyone who wants to arrive early and/or stay after lunch to enjoy the club's amenities/activities is welcome to do so. 


Dress Code: none - relaxed. You are encouraged to bring bathing suits to enjoy the Carmel Valley Ranch pool or hot tub. 

Transportation: Complementary transportation will be provided from and back to San Francisco. 

Optional Activities with fellow 🍊Members

10AM - Tennis with 🍊Members

12:00PM - Friendly Hike with 🍊Members (30-minutes) 

3:30PM - Pool/Hot Tub

Other Optional Club Activities (please confirm to book your spot)

10AM - Spinning Class (50-minutes)

10AM - Hilltop Yoga (90-minutes)

11AM - Hatha Yoga

SPA appointments can be booked by calling 831-626-2586

*Guest fees, and 🍊Members lunch are complimentary - covered by Ricardo Garcia-Amaya

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Carmel Valley Ranch Activities